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Python: A review of my programming knowledge about Python programming language from zero point one – Part III

Here the good things of programming. The first program. OK, start opening the Python IDLE in the start menu. Here we can try our code live. Yes, live! Just write the line of code or the syntax then press Enter to run the program.

Commonly all beginners who start programming they will engaged to write the first program that displays the words, “Hello, World!. The print() function display the messages inside of the parentheses. The messages can be inside of single quotes or double quotes but is prefered double quotes.

Then press Enter and you will see the result like this. The blue words are the result displayed of the program. Well done! You made your first program. Try to practice like changing ‘Hello, World!

Let’s do another program. What about a mathematical operation like a sum of two numbers.

Easy! Practice: Try another arithmetic operation like multiplication, subtraction, and division.

Suggested book:

You did your first touch of programming. This is really simple right. We used already operators that we will learn more about those. In the next post you will learn variables names and keywords. I hope you like it.

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