Money, money, and is it what we need in our life

I was boring today, this is a joke. Never think to be boring there is a lot of task to do. I cannot be boring and never I can be boring. I must work every hour and do not waste any minutes of the time. Time is very important now when I am starting a business that keeps me busy doing it. According to my passion and my decision to work with my own feet.

To understand what we gonna learn is to make one question about the objective. Today we will learn money. Is a dominant tool in the life of people. Money is everywhere. Therefore, think how to get it.

What is money?

Good question I think. The “thing” that we want and we desire to have billions in our accounts. Money is the paper and coin we use to buy and to get pay. When we open an account in a bank and deposit the money it will be intangible. Money is a mechanism that facilitates the process; I’m going to lend money at the bank to open my new restaurant.

In history, when money does not exist. People then bartered goods. However, a whole cow cannot exchange with a kilo of bananas. In my town, I think they still doing barter but in silence manner. Example: A person brings mangos in the house of a friend and he leaves with a full stomach.

Who invented money?

I remember that I studied in school. In the year of B.C. (before Christ) merchants used to trades goods in different places. The merchants travel their way in the destination of the goods but there are too many marauders. Marauders get the goods and gold that merchants have. Instead of bringing the gold with they invented a paper with a sign or mark that validates. The paper would be the tool to uses of payment.

Although, as I read that know nobody invented the money. Yes, I agree the money we use now is the innovation of the mechanism that they use to trade in history. Money has been upgraded to avoid falsification.

Why we need money?

You need money to buy a car and house. All the thing you want to have, money can bring it to you. Without money, you can’t buy anything with tag price on it. You do not have happiness. People do not know you and will not appreciate you.

When you have money. People are around you even you do not know them. Friends are getting closer to you. You can buy luxuries like a mansion, Ferrari, and so on. You will enjoy life.

What money cannot buy or bring?

In my experience, money cannot buy love, a family, a true friend, happiness, good health, and so on. The happiness without money in my pocket that I cannot describe. The thing those good people gives to you without giving money in return. Having good health with zero balance in my bank account. The family that supports you without any cent in you pocket. I like to dream free.

Who said that you cannot eat without money? Lazy people said that. You can eat vegetables from any garden. Planting vegetables will provide food in your table for free. Be smart and think about how.

What money will cause?

If you read the news about rich people who care for money.  I have a book to share to you look below. In my opinion, there are a lot of problems caused by Money. People tend to be avaricious when they have already money and they wanted more. A group of politicians that they don’t care about their nation but they care about money. A broken family because of money. People who commit suicide because of money.

Rich People Problems is a 2017 novel by Kevin Kwan.

Why I am writing about money?

Money is the principal of peoples life. No ones who don’t think of money. If you don’t work today you will not have money tomorrow. Money is the the benefit I will receive of doing my work. Therefore, in the future when I can reach my goal this will be the reminder of what I have done. And the guidance of not being so avaricious of money. Happy with what I have is what matters.

However, we know that money is not easy to get. We have to work hard by our own sweat on our face.

Type the word money in Google search. This will appear in the first list. A music video by Cardi B titled Money.

It seems the meaning of the money is past history. People tend to know that only a thing that we use to trades goods.

What did I realize about money when I writing this post?

I am working with my own and I don’t have a boss. Nobody can guide and help, everything depends on me. If I stop investigating, learning and working and I will not gain money. I would say money is the tool that I need to progress in the future to reach the wealth that I need. I must bring food to our table because I have a family to feed.

Respect your boss and do your job. I realize also that when you don’t contribute an excellent job the business of your boss will go to bankruptcy. Then you have to find another job.

Money can bring wealth, in turn, can destroy life.

How much money do I need to live?

Do not ask yourself this question. In the end, you will die. You will not know when. In the case, you must earn sufficient money and be always happy. Enjoy life with the family is the most important thing in our life. Forget, the money and just do things well and work. The money will come as a blessing to your hard work. Just think the prosperity of your life.

In conclusion, money is the betterment of our progress in our life. Do not be affected by the evil that money causes. Work hard but at the same time enjoying. If you are not happy right now, think what is the problem and do not be afraid to make a change. People have a fear of not having money in their pocket. You have to be more afraid of the disease than money. Long life my friend. Enjoy!

“The most beautiful things are not associated with money; they are memories and moments. If you don’t celebrate those, they can pass you by.”

Alek Wek

The next episode I want to learn money management. Stay tuned.

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